Unimog 404


This site is dedicated to my new and first complete car restauration, my dream "car" an Unimog 404.
This website is a sort of logbook of the restaration. You can find various information about the unimog 404 and pictures. It is my intention to put as much information possible on the site. Feel free to look arround and copy the information (personal usage only).

I'm familiar with repairing, maintaining car's and buzz bikes. In total I restaurated 3 complete Puch Maxi buzz bikes (moped's). Two of them are still running and the other one was put on fire. The 2 remaining Maxi's are oldtimers. The next mechanical horse is my Batavus Combi sport. It is my first buzz-bike and has 50 cc engine with 3 gears and a dual set of rear shock-absorbers (factory mount).

Me and my girlfriends car (an Audi 80 1984) is maintained by me. Here is an list of fixed items:

- Complete new exhaust
- Brake cylinder's rear new, new brake hoses
- Fixed the handbrake.
- Revised the cylinder hood and valves
- Cleaned the carb.
- Put in new vacuum hoses
- Ignition adjusted
- New sparkplugs, new distributor and sparkplug cables

Fixing cars of my brother is also one of the main things where my car experience was updated. My brother buy's aprox. every half year a new car (read old banger). So every time he buys a new one I have to fix and maintain the car. This is usefull for learning to trouble shoot problems.

Last replaced part
Restauration status
90 %(Driving!)
Copyright 2006 Jan Stuurstraat