Unimog 404

Restration history

When I bought the unimog it was not driving. This because critical parts were missing.

List of parts to get:
- Starter
- Fuel pump
- New door windows
- Brake hoses
- Ignition Coil
- Fuel cap
- Good Seats
- Better floor for the rear
- Good headlights
- Horn nob
- Rotor for the distributor

So I got those parts second hand from a Unimog part supllier in Belgium. His name is Bart. He has a good price for his second hand parts. When conecting the vacuum line to the brake booster, the brakes were not released. I bought a used, but in good conditon, brake assistant. (The brake assitstant is noy needed when you dont pull heavy loads with the unimog). Also the front and rear brake cilinders are cleaned. What a lot of dirt came out the cilinders!
The heater fan was not running. In Dutch weather a heater is a must to get rid of the damp on your window. The problem was easy to solve: a faulty switch and the cables that run to the fan were loose. The loose cables are under the fan inside the cab. Here is a connection from the fan to the wires. probbably due vibration, the wires came loose. I solved it by soldering the wires an put some shrink tube around them. Then the shrink tube is filled with HotGlue.
I installed some new tires. The old one were dryed out and with those cracks you can't get the unimog trough the test for license plates! (that is my goal!)

Got an second unimog. The "new" one was a unimog 404 radio wagon. This car has already a licence plate and runs on LPG. This one needs a lot of care to get it trough the APK.

Go to the Photo Gallery for pictures of the "new" unimog.

Last replaced part
Restauration status
90 %(Driving!)
Copyright 2006 Jan Stuurstraat